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Poseidon Series

A crucial aspect of decentralization of residential hot water system is to separate the hydronic water system and the domestic hot water system. The combi boiler utilizes two completely separate heat exchangers, one to power the hydronic system and the other to power the DHW. SCR tech is used to control the heating system, it allows the boiler to run on lower cost while maintaining high efficiency. This dual heating system ensures that at any given time, the temperature of the central heating system and of shower or bath can be set precisely according to the users’ unique requirements. To further simplify the control aspect, the boiler comes with preset heating schedule which automatically heats up water at set time every day of the week.

  • German technology alloy bare element, fast heating and exceptionally durable (heating & hot water supply separately)

  • SCR technology, high heating efficiency, energy saving, lower cost

  • Low noise and no venting, environmental friendly

  • Pump anti-block function

  • Built-in earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB)

  • Advanced Power ControlTM - The power will prioritize the domestic hot water if dual heating systems work simultaneously.

Specifications in brief

  • Rated voltage: 230V/400V; Max. power: 6/9/12kW selection

  • Working temperature range: Radiator mode 35-80˚C (default 65˚C); Floor heating mode 35-55˚C  (default 50˚C); Domestic hot water 35-60˚C  (default 38˚C )

  • Anti-freeze Start Temperatue: <7˚C

  • Anti-freez Stop Temperature: ≥10˚C

  • Inlet & Outlet Connection: G3/4" (radiator & floor heating); G1/2"(warm water)

  • Product Size: 602 x 380 x 195mm

  • Your whole apartment hot water solution

  • Unique dual heating system is utilized to maximize efficiency and minimize heat loss

  • Rigid metallic housing provides full protection to the interior components

  • Anti-freeze mode allows the boiler to be installed in more physically demanding conditions.

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