• Description

Elex 12

If you want to install an instantaneous water heater in the kitchen or just for single shower, the compact instantaneous water heaters from Thermoterme are a clever solution. They can be installed space-saving under or above the kitchen sink or near the shower and deliver hot water in seconds.


  • Backlit LCD display for easy and exact temperature selection

  • Full electronic close loop control, constant outlet water temperature (at inlet temperature and pressure fluctuations)

  • German technology alloy bare element, fast heating and exceptionally durable

  • Simple installation and electrical connection


Specifications in brief

  • Rated voltage: 220-240V, Maximum power: 12kW

  • Capability to deliver 6.8L/min at temperature rise 25°C

  • Temperature range can be adjustable between 40°C and 60°C

  • Switch on flow rate 2.2L/min

  • Rated pressure water mains 0.8MPa

  • G1/2” water connection

  • Energy efficiency class A

  • CB/CE and GS certification

  • Unit dimensions 350 x 200 x 120 mm

Especially in the kitchen and shower, instantaneous water heaters must meet special requirements. For example, they should be space-saving to install and the temperature control should also be easy to operate.

Kitchen and shower instantaneous water heaters also need to be powerful enough to supply enough hot water to rinse pots and pans – in most cases a small instantaneous water heater with less power is no longer sufficient. Thermoterme instantaneous water heaters for the kitchen and shower meet all these requirements.

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