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Elex 24

Instantaneous water heater for the bathroom: your personal spa area! A Thermoterme instantaneous water heater in the bathroom is the right choice for you, if you want a comfortable hot water supply in the bathroom and save valuable energy at the same time. The powerful design devices can be installed hidden on the wall, in a piece of bathroom furniture or behind an inspection opening and thus fit perfectly into any bathroom.


  • Backlit LCD display for easy and exact temperature selection

  • Full electronic close loop control, constant outlet water temperature (at inlet temperature and pressure fluctuations)

  • German technology alloy bare element, fast heating and exceptionally durable

  • Simple installation and electrical connection


Specifications in brief

  • Rated voltage: 220-240V, Maximum power: 24kW, Two way power supply

  • Capability to deliver as much as 13.6L/min at temperature rise 25°C

  • Temperature range can be adjustable between 40°C and 60°C

  • Switch on flow rate 2.5L/min

  • Rated pressure water mains 0.8MPa

  • G1/2” water connection

  • Energy efficiency class A

  • CB/CE and GS certification

  • Unit dimensions 477 x 257 x 125 mm


Thermoterme electronic instantaneous water heaters offer you full comfort for your entire bathroom. Those who are tired of waiting forever in the morning until the warm water finally arrives in the shower and does not want to waste valuable tap water unnecessarily is well advised to use the innovative instantaneous water heaters in the bathroom.

The devices heat the water to your individually set desired temperature in seconds and also score points for their short pipe routes, as they are installed near the respective tap. This saves you time and money and you can enjoy the desired comfort in the bathroom at any time.

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