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Boiling water with kettles repetitively is now officially a thing of the past, you can direct your full attention to the guests and family members while Thermoterme RED provides you with unlimited supply of boiling water. Thermoterme RED vows to give you back the single most valuable asset you own, and that is time.

  • Truly 100°C boiling water on demand

  • Smart control unit and excellent insulation keep efficiency to the highest standard possible

  • Built in failsafe child lock to better protect the users from all age groups.

Specifications in brief

  • Rated voltage: 220-240V, rated power: 2.2kW

  • Boiler capacity: 5L

  • Temperature setting 70°C and 100°C

  • Operating pressure water mains 1.0MPa

  • Energy efficiency class A

  • CB/CE and GS certification

  • Eckigem model tap included

  • Unit dimensions 453 x 210 x 210 mm

The boiler comes with a full installation kit including a stylish 3 in 1 tap. It can be swiveled 360° to allow maximum freedom of operation. The tap is also well insulated all around, to prevent potential hazard of scalding. A slight twist of the knob will get you cold and hot water, boiling water can be dispensed by gently pressing the child safety button then turning the knob.

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